Technical consulting

Our core competencies include comprehensive technical consulting. As a traditional automotive supplier and supplier for various other industrial sectors, LENZKÄMPER gives top priority to advising and supporting discerning customers. We work with you to devise customized technical solutions that meet your and our high quality standards. The Engineering and Development department uses your CAD data to optimize your component and design the production tools. Your designated contact person is always ready to take your requests on board. Tell us what you need!

We offer you:

  • Customized technical solutions
  • Comprehensive consulting by your designated contact person
  • In-house tool design and tool shop

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Many people try and take it upon themselves to find solutions to special requirements. This is time-consuming and rarely productive. Tell us your problem and take advantage of our expertise. We’ll identify professional solutions for you and flag important factors you need to bear in mind. This will save you the time and money you would have otherwise spent on ineffective attempts and enable you to uphold the highest quality standards, including for your products, during further processing.

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