Surface technology & heat-treatment technology

So that we are able to offer you a product that is perfectly tailored to your requirements, we focus on uncompromising quality in all stages of manufacturing. This also applies to the final stages, such as surface treatment and hardening. LENZKÄMPER only works with long-term, carefully selected partners and suppliers who have the same high quality standards as we do. This enables us to not only offer various surface finish technologies such as galvanic refinement and chrome-plating, but also consistently guarantee end products of outstanding quality.

We offer you:

  • The highest standards of quality in all production processes
  • Collaborations with reliable partners who have proven themselves over decades
  • Various surface treatments, e.g. chrome-plating and galvanizing

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Many people try and take it upon themselves to find solutions to special requirements. This is time-consuming and rarely productive. Tell us your problem and take advantage of our expertise. We’ll identify professional solutions for you and flag important factors you need to bear in mind. This will save you the time and money you would have otherwise spent on ineffective attempts and enable you to uphold the highest quality standards, including for your products, during further processing.

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