Connection technology

You can also rely on LENZKÄMPER’s expertise and quality when it comes to connection and welding technology. We devise technical solutions for various industrial sectors and manufacture technically sophisticated welded units for you – all tailored to your specific requirements. The individual unit elements are produced in-house at LENZKÄMPER in accordance with our strict quality and safety standards. We use complex technical processes, including robotic welding of individual components, resistance welding, spot welding and MAG welding. You benefit by saving on costs thanks to our economical series production, while maintaining consistent quality.

We offer you:

  • Ready-to-install welded units
  • Robot-based welding processes
  • All kinds of welding processes
  • Caulking of individual parts
  • Economical series production

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Many people try and take it upon themselves to find solutions to special requirements. This is time-consuming and rarely productive. Tell us your problem and take advantage of our expertise. We’ll identify professional solutions for you and flag important factors you need to bear in mind. This will save you the time and money you would have otherwise spent on ineffective attempts and enable you to uphold the highest quality standards, including for your products, during further processing.

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