Forming technology

LENZKÄMPER is your specialist for wire-forming technology. Our core business lies in the production of all types of bent parts. Be it brackets or lashing eyes, belt reversing fittings or brake-cable holders, we produce a variety of complex bent-wire parts from round and flat wire in thicknesses ranging from 2 mm to 18 mm. LENZKÄMPER is an essential supplier to the automotive industry, for which we manufacture a number of safety-related products. LENZKÄMPER is a market leader in processing wire thicknesses between 10 mm and 18 mm for safety components such as belt brackets. You too can benefit from our decades of experience, our in-house tool shop and state-of-the-art technology such as CNC-controlled production cells. We thereby guarantee you both consistently high quality standards and economical production.

We offer you:

  • Top-quality, complex geometries
  • Wire thicknesses between 2 mm and 18 mm
  • Safety-related wire products for the automotive industry
  • All conventional forming techniques, including bending, embossing and swaging

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